Volvo auto repair and maintenance can keep your car trouble-free, extend its life and maintain its value. Whether you need routine maintenance or repair, Young’s is a trusted name in auto repair.

Volvo uses a system of letters denoting body style—then the series number (S stands for saloon or sedan, C stands for coupé or convertible): Volvo C40, V70, Volvo XC90, S60, V60.

Volvo’s maintenance service operations are based on mileage and certain models, but note items which need more frequency when driving in dusty conditions.

Check your owner’s manual or give us a call to determine your Volvo maintenance schedule.

Volvos are beautifully engineered. The responsibility to maintain your car will result in a better performance.

The Volvo cooling system maintains proper engine temperature by circulating coolant through the engine to pick up heat and passing it through the radiator to cool it. The coolant passes through a thermostat valve to control flow and possibly over a temperature sensor which controls external air cooling fans. Critical parts are the water pump, hoses, radiator, thermostat and sensors. The best way to ensure trouble-free driving is by inspecting and replacing parts at the factory-recommended time/mileage.

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