Repair FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Car Repair

For more help read our Auto Maintenance page. Cars we service has an extensive list of manufacturers and detailed information about scheduled maintenance by manufacturer.

Why can’t you give me a quote over the phone?
Like a doctor, we can’t diagnosis your car over the phone. We want to be accurate, and not guessing. It’s better for you to get the right repair. What may seem to you to be a transmission problem could turn out to be a computer issue. We need to see your car.

Is synthetic motor oil worth the extra cost?
Synthetic oil is more expensive than mineral-based oils, but it can improve fuel efficiency. You can typically go longer between oil changes. Synthetic motor oils can be a good choice for high output, turbo charged or supercharged engines, vehicles that are used for towing or vehicles that are operated in extremely cold or hot climates.

What do I do if my car overheats?
Overheating is always serious. Overheating for too long can damage your engine. As soon as safely possible pull off the road and turn OFF your engine! Don’t open the cap to check the fluid level as you can get burned by the steam. It’s best to have your car towed to an auto repair shop.

My car is still under warranty. Can I see an independent service shop?
Yes. A periodic check of your car protects your long-term investment.

Are extended warranties worth the cost?

There are some good after market warranties, 

but read the fine print. You’ll get better coverage if you make your purchase while you are still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Be sure wear and tear items are covered; also make sure your deductible is “one per year”, not per visit. We honor most extended warranty policies and will gladly file the claim for you.

What is CARFAX? Is it a good idea if I am looking at a used car purchase?

CARFAX relies solely on the insurance industry and State DMVs for their information. This leaves out maintenance history, unreported fender benders and there’s no record of abuse. It can disclose: if the car was totaled or has a salvage title, had an accident severe enough to file an insurance claim, number of previous owners, a record of odometer rollback, or if there has been a police report filed. Having an auto mechanic inspect before buying will alert you to potential problems.

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